Right Hand Technique…Eric Johnson & the JazzIII

Heard of the guitarist Eric Johnson before? I dare you to do a web search  for top guitarists of all time and you will have to see a list with Mr. E J’s name on it. For the casual listener who may feel a bit uncomfortable or bored with guitar driven instrumental music or naturally prefer the singer/songwriter who happens to be a good guitar player ….hear me out. This guy is a perfectionist/purist. Guitar Player magazine has gone as far to call Johnson: “one of the most respected guitarists on the planet”

As a guitar player myself, when I hear a review about someone in music history like this… I have to look into it. There must be a reason that he’s called one of the greatest and I’d be foolish and, for lack of a better way of putting it, musically immature to say “Well that’s not really the type of music I listen to” or “He had a mullet in this video so it’s not really relevant anymore”.

I like this video for two reasons:

1) I have used and am commited to using this Dunlop Jazz III pick that he is endorsing

2) I have personally been taught and benefitted from the following right hand techniques that he lays out

  • Bounce
  • Circle
  • Picking Location of hand for variety in tonality
  • Strike vs Pull-off Picking

So watch this video, Read his bio on Wickipedia, and try the pick for yourself by purchasing it right from my Store Page.

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