Looking good vs. Sounding good

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I thought that it would be good to start off this blogging adventure with the first segment of “Guitar Quotes”. I have searched around for some good ones that I agree with and would like to bring to the table.

There’s no better way to say something than to allow someone else say it. That was me…feel free to quote it. Anyways, take it with a grain of salt:

“…’a good player can make any guitar sound good’ ” –

Michael Bloomfieldfrom Paul Butterfield Blues Band / Electric Flag

Of course there is a difference between a $2000 Martin and a $5 guitar from Toy’s R Us. I enjoy playing quality equipment, but when I see a musician focus more on the equipment than being a musician, I guarantee you he’s started to lose something essential. What’s the end goal here? How about, a mature sound that actually produces music and evokes emotion? At the end of the day, this sound is really achieved by being a good player who has put in his time in the practice room….not buy owning a top-of-the-line guitar. So give your gear to me (kindof joking). The SOUND produced is the final Judge.

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