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Zach is a great teacher. Whoever wants to take lessons will like him!

Ryan-Student, Age 10

Zach has been a huge blessing to Ryan. His style of teaching is exactly what Ryan needed to further his interest in learning guitar. I highly recommend Zach because he is a very patient and kind teacher that really wants his students to enjoy learning an instrument!

Angie- Parent

Zach is very nice and respectful and I can see that he cares a lot about his lessons. Before I took lessons with Zach, I was unfamiliar with all the different scales, but now I am confident in my scales and have even been able to make up a couple of good solos. Zach has helped me be able to play some of my favorite rock songs too so I can show off to my friends.

Luke- Student, Age 13

Zach has been my sons' guitar teacher for over a year now. We are so pleased with how far they both have come in such a short time. Zach is patient, well-prepared and very professional. He has developed a love for music with songs they like to play as well as teaching fundamentals they need to know.

Students: Owin 9 Kane 13

Katie- Parent

My son has been taking guitar lessons from Zach Bell for the past few months. I am so thrilled at the patience, knowledge and kindness he shows my son. Zach is inspiring my son to succeed and is giving him the tools to excel at the guitar.

Kym- Parent

When I first started lessons, I knew the very basics. I've been taking lessons for almost 2 months now, and I already feel like I've improved a lot. Taking lessons from Zach has not only taught me more chords or strumming patterns, but also how music works, how chords are created, and how to read music all on my own. Zach is outgoing, and a really easy person to get along with.

Havilah- Student, Age 17

I have enjoyed my experience with Zach, his technique is easy to follow but very thorough. Zach offers a program that is customized to your level and your pace so you don't feel forced. From reading music to your first chords, I encourage anyone with the desire to learn Guitar to take a few lessons from Zach.

Sheri- Student, Age 44

Zach is an outstanding guitar instructor. He taught my 9 year old son how to read music and play the guitar with such wisdom, grace, and tenderness. Zach is incredibly knowledgeable , trustworthy, and patient. He is a gifted musician and his passion is evident through his teaching. I would gladly recommend Zach Bell's Guitar Lessons to anyone, any age!

Julia- Parent