Group Therapy- we all need it

There is nothing like playing music with a band… this doesn’t even have to include the classic bass, drums, guitar, keyboard typical combo. Recently I had the pleasure of being able to reunite with a couple of talented friends from my Biola University days to play at a buddy’s wedding up in Ventura. We were asked to just show up and play some good ole time folk songs/fiddle tunes for a little over an hour at the cocktail hour during the reception. Armed with guitar, mandolin, and fiddle, we jumped right into a little rough draft practice just hours before we were supposed to play for the guests.

Phil Glen, myself, Brenton Haack

I haven’t had this much fun in a long time and was quickly reminded of two important things that I have learned in my experience:

  1. Surround yourself with great musicians (and play music with them as much as possible). You hear/learn things you’ve never thought of before. You feed off each other but more importantly, you are forced to keep up (whether it’s sight reading, keeping the tempo, or just playing “in the pocket”… you can only get better).
  2. It is so helpful to be well versed in (or at least to dip into) multiple genres. Different types of music may stretch you in different ways. You also may begin to see how you can implement different elements from these styles into whatever you are playing… making it more appealing to the listener and just plain fun to play.


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