From: Streets of Jerusalem; To: You

My recent travels took me to the land of Israel. No matter what country you find yourself, you are going to find street performers. You always find quite a variety (as you know) of styles and what I’ll call “listen-ability” for lack of a better term and well, just wanting to make up a word. I could have sat watching these guys for awhile. Click to see the video.

My ears perked up when I heard these two guys playing outside the old Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem. Outstanding sound! I don’t claim to know exactly what the gentleman on the right was playing but it was a mix between a slide guitar and sitar. The recording gets cut a little short because I remembered I was with a larger group of people who began to walk away… good stuff though. Enjoy.

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Would love to learn more from all you mid-eastern instrumental experts out there, or anyone :)!

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