Blackbird…strikes again.

So, we have another very talented student who recently recorded an excerpt of the Beatles’ Blackbird song as well. When I asked some of the students which song they wanted to record (pulling from songs we have covered)…this was one of the recent favorites across the board. Along with having the students record themselves, I included a lesson about the in’s and out’s of a typical sound system… a very important tool to any musician.

However, we added a little help from some friends on this recording in our lesson (no birds were injured either physically or emotionally during this recording process). This student is currently in Jr. High. He never ceases to amaze me every week with his ability to soak up information and press on through everything I throw at him. Hope you enjoy:

For more from my students, go to the Student Recordings page.

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Now I am confident in my scales and have even been able to make up a couple of good solos

Luke- Student, Age 13

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