Blackbird, Beatles

This is the first installment of Where Are They Now? Probably the more accurate coined phrase would be, “what have my students been learning and where can I show them off?” … but that didn’t sound nearly as cool.

I have been wanting to showcase some of the songs that my students have been working on for while now. Now that I have a website and decent idea of how to run it, we hopefully will start pumping them out.

At this point, I am married but have no kids of my own. This is the closest I have come to be being a “proud parent” without having any kids. Anyways, lets do this.

 I give you “Blackbird” by the Beatles, as performed by male 14 yr. old student who has been taking lessons with me for two years. He started out from square one but now has has turned out to be a great guitarist along with his older brother (by the way, he learned this awhile ago…I just took awhile to think about recording it). Recorded on 9/14/11.



For more from my students, go to the Student Recordings page.

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Zach is inspiring my son to succeed and is giving him the tools to excel at the guitar.

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