Are You Too Good to be Affected?

…by something beautiful (that you didn’t create). Here we have some beautiful music being played by some of my new favorites, The Milk Carton Kids, playing a song called “Snakes Eyes”. The video of these two guys would have still sold it for me. However, what took this video up a notch was the glimpse we get of the other musicians in the room. The camera pans over to guys such as Chris Thile and Marcus Mumford and shows their reactions to this (for lack of longer description) “ear candy”(1:30 in video). Both these musicians are obviously doing very well for themselves and are essentially leading the way their respective genres. They still could be full of themselves (as I am not claiming to know them personally), but here is evidence that they still allow themselves to be moved by others’ music.

Those truly confident in their craft don’t need to be the loudest ones in the room. Learn from others no matter how good (or how good you think you are). 

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