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I believe there are some things a guitar student needs to know. I also believe that often times a student does not even know they need them. What am I talking about? Music Theory, my friends. Simply stated: Your car runs better if you know how a car works. Same with music. If you know how music works (no matter what instrument is in your hand), than you can get under the hood. I want to discourage people from just parroting their favorite guitar solos/riffs when they play. It is important to understand how these solos/riffs/progressions fit into the music so that you can pick them apart and use those ideas later on in different songs/keys/contexts.

I believe a teacher should not leave the student stranded up in the abstract cloud of musical theory but rather give practical applications to these lessons being learned. While learning about keys and scales, we will apply them to popular songs in styles the student will most likely be using. You will also be learning to read various types of written guitar music: musical notation on staff, tablature, and chord charts.

Everyone wants to learn for a different reason. I will ask you, “what do you want to play and where are you going to play it?” Once I have my answer, I will customize your lessons to best meet your learning style, level of playing, and styles you would like to learn while still providing a solid foundation of musical knowledge.

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